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Karsten Winegeart Is the creative visionary behind KNow Control Productions


Karsten is the spark that ignites the best way to visually represent your artist, persona, company, product or brand. It all starts with understanding your needs and translating that into a unique strategy. Specializing in stills and high quality short films that people connect with, Karsten will capture the essence of what you are trying to communicate. From creative session to concept and launch; from editing bay to studio production, Karsten will manage your project to completion.




Put youR vision into motion

The team at Know Control understands the power of visual media that emotionally connects and sometimes even disrupts.  Our ethos is:


  • Creativity with Integrity, Passion and Energy.

  • To go above and beyond to deliver media that delights. 

  • To move beyond mere memorability to measurable action.

  • To focus on the small things in production that inevitably become the big things when premiered.


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