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My film repertoire is diverse:  

  • From capturing the fast-paced action as the floor cameraman for college basketball games on ESPN3,

  • To the pulsating artistry and performances of the 45th Annual GMA Dove Awards,

  • To the breathtaking summits of Patagonia for Lipscomb's Global Programs in South America, 

  • To the fusion of story, sound and imagery for CMC music videos, and

  • The extreme aerial high altitude drone filming for diverse applications. 


“When we showed our team the video, their jaws all dropped!”

Mike Winegeart, Head of Lipscomb Global Learning


"It's always good to surround yourself with people who see your vision and want you want to see you succeed!! This dude is a blessing man and I appreciate every effort you put into my videos." 

Mic-O, Singer/Song writer/Recording Artist



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